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The Old ConsiliumEdit

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The old Consilium has stood for untold years - as long as anyone can remember, a Consilium has watched over London. For centuries, it was watched over by the Guardians of the Veil, keeping Awakened society under tight wraps and ensuring nothing slipped through. That all changed during the Second Great War and the rise of Lord Ravenna amongst the Seers of the Throne. A magical war flowed onto the streets, covered by the Blitz. When the dust settled, the Guardians had been devastated and the Seers claimed a large portion of the city. Backed by the Adamantine Arrow at the time, the Mysterium placed people into power and everything returned to a state of peace. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the Mysterium's actions in the city and, with time, the great power that once was is slowly dying.

The AssemblyEdit

The Free Council

Not all the Orders are happy with the status quo. The Free Council, worldwide, have never been known to sit well under Atlantean rule. This remains true in London as well, perhaps more than anywhere else. The Libertines have built an extensive power base, with the last estimate saying they have the membership of at least a third of the city's Awakened (outside of the Seers of the Throne, of course). This gives their Assembly an unusually large amount of power - several members of the Consilium have begun to whisper that the Libertines are planning on taking full control of the city, and the fact that word has recently leaked of the formation of a Column has done little to debunk the rumour.

Obsidian Eye TetrarchyEdit

The Seers of the Throne

The OthersEdit

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Contrary to the belief of some, the Awakened of London are not alone. The Consilium maintains contact through a Herald to London's thriving vampiric court and the Assembly has a number of deals and agreements with the underground clans of Lost. And that's not to even begin to mention the howling that even the Sleepers can hear at night...

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