The Hierarch of the Consilium is an exceptionally young Awakened who refers to himself as Merlin. While he appears young, he has sat as Hierarch for at least a decade and, as far as anyone can tell, hasn't aged a day. His steward-provost is also highly controversial in the city, being a Proximus named Arthur - most mages only begrudgingly accept a non-Awakened amongst the city's staff.


The London Consillium holds to an extremely antiquated view of leadership, strictly interpreting the "Rule of Five" as the Hierarch and four councillors, totalling to a council of five watching the city. This allows each of the four Atlantean orders to maintain a councillor and, traditionally, for them to disclude the Free Council from those same leadership positions.

Adamantine ArrowEdit

Representing the militaristic Arrow, Dynamo is well known throughout the city. His provost is a young up-and-coming Arrow named Kane.

Guardians of the VeilEdit

Although the Guardians within the city are nearly non-existant, they maintain a presence on the Consilium in the form of Nietzsche and his provost Rorschach.


The second representative of the ruling order on the council is an older individual named Avonian, who has mostly retreated from political life and serves through his provost, Edda.

The Silver LadderEdit

Serving the behest of the Silver Ladder is the Awakened known as Wodanaz, who recently appointed a new provost who named himself as C'Thun.


Two hearlds currently serve at the pleasure of the Consilium - the Mysterium Acanthus Halcyon and Silver Ladder's Doublin.


Three sentinels actively serve the Consilium, two of them Adamantine Arrows and one of them a Guardian, the only position held by the disgraced order aside from its Councilor seat. The High Sentinel Apollyon is able to, under the powers granted him by the Consilium proper, designate temporary deputies to serve as sentinels.


One of the most vocal Arrows on the subject of the Others in the city, Apollyon is known as constantly pushing the agenda of separating from the other supernatural forces in the city and establishing an extreme security perimeter, regardless of the effects it could have on diplomacy with the Others. Unfortunately for the Mysterium members who claim they could learn so much from the Others, a number of others listen to him, if only because of his position as High Sentinel.



Perhaps one of the most unusual mages in the city, Hu is looked at with distrust but few can question his efficiency. A member of the Guardians of the Veil, he may be the only Guardian in the city who doesn't try to hide his identity (beyond shadownames). However, he's also known to be extremely unrealiable, disappearing for weeks on end and refusing to serve in 'cases' that don't entertain him. How he maintains his position is anyone's guess, but the Hierarch seems to be unwilling to revoke his privileges.