Trained Memory (•)Edit

Prerequisites: Composure ••, Investigation •
Effect: Your character can remember the events of a single scene or a day's worth of study perfectly as long as they have a turn to concentrate. During this turn (in which they cannot engage in combat or any other stressful situations), the character uses a special technique to commit what they have learned to memory. (You should write a note about this on your character sheet.) After that, during peaceful times, you no longer need to make dice rolls to remember details about the event or piece of knowledge, and you can ask the Storyteller to fill in details you might have forgotten.
Drawback: Just as any other character, you must make an Intelligence + Composure roll for the character to remember any additional details about a subject during stressful situations (such as combat). You gain no bonus to this roll; your enhanced memory is a matter of training and organized thinking, not off-the-cuff recall.